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Choosing a Teeth Whitening Provider

Published February 20, 2014 at 11:11 am - No Comments

Choosing the right dentist for your treatment can be tricky, if you don’t have all the best information.

The combined whitening is the best option.

The best tooth whitening is the combined bleaching by a cosmetic dentist. This treatment involves the application of a high concentration of peroxide in dental clinic and a whitening kit to use the patient at home.

The first part consists of an LED light whitening clinic.

During the whitening clinic a number of barriers to protect both your gums and lips to avoid irritating standing.

A dentistry tool peroxide gel is applied at high concentration that releases free oxygen radicals which clean the tooth from inside.

This gel is activated with a cool LED light that serves to increase the potency of whitening.

The patient should use a bleaching kit at home for ten days.

When the treatment, which lasts about an hour, ending the patient a home whitening kit consisting of splints in which is deposited a whitening product takes.

The patient should use this kit for at least an hour a day for ten days.

You cannot eat foods that can stain teeth.

The patient should be careful with food. You cannot eat things that can stain your teeth like wine or coffee. Nor should you smoke.

The combined whitening gets 4 to 8 shades.

The combined whitening is the most effective whitening since it gets four to eight shades the color of teeth.

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