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Tips to maintain the whiteness of your teeth

We can perform preventive actions to preserve the whiteness of our teeth or to help the treatment recommended by the dentist, always asking about it; these options are simple and cheap can make in our house.

Wear a smile with white teeth, besides making us look better can boost our self-esteem; the food and beverages we consume daily can modify the whiteness of the teeth with the passage of time, giving them a color that often is not entirely pleasant.

Strawberries or strawberries: Strawberries besides being rich in vitamin C, which is helpful to remove the plaque that builds up on teeth, also contains malic acid can help prevent and remove stains on our teeth. The way we use strawberries to have a clean white teeth are cutting slices and rub it in our teeth, we can also use the strawberry pulp and mix with our toothpaste for our oral hygiene.

Oil :There is a technique of mouthwash with organic oils preferably sunflower, sesame or coconut, called “oil pulling” to remove plaque and whiten teeth; pre-breakfast, use a tablespoon of any of these oils holding it in the mouth for 10 to 20 minutes, without spitting or swallowing oil moving back and forth inside our wedding until it turns white.

Baking soda: may use this compound as toothpaste to clean and whiten our teeth the structure of sodium bicarbonate makes it a mild abrasive cleaner, which explains its utility to remove the stains from your teeth. Small crystals of sodium bicarbonate are readily soluble in water which allows the compound to penetrate deep into the edges of the teeth and in the places in between. We must be careful in relation to the frequency in which we use the abrasive baking soda to whiten teeth; you should use it only once or twice a month.

Fruits and vegetables: Besides all the health benefits that give us these two kinds of foods also can help us to have a proper dental hygiene; make snacks with crunchy fruits and vegetables such as carrots, celery and raw apples acts as an abrasive natural, not harmful, to clean the tooth enamel because they contain high concentrations of cellulose is a natural abrasive compound. Other green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and lettuce contain minerals that form a thin film on the teeth which prevents pigments from other foods stain teeth.

Gum: This remedy may sound strange and even contradictory however use sugarless gum can help reduce levels of acid and bacteria from our mouth; as we get older our salivary glands become smaller and produce less saliva, chewing gum to stimulate saliva production that contains surfactants (chemicals on the surface of the teeth) and special enzymes that protect our teeth staining.

Cheese: Eat cheese, or other dairy product proves to be good for our teeth thanks to its high content of calcium, essential for strong bones and teeth element. The lactic acid in milk strengthens enamel, prevents cavities and preserves the whiteness of our teeth.

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