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5 tips to prevent cavities in children

The foundation of good oral health is established in childhood. That is why as parents we must be very careful with the habits we teach our children, the importance we give to oral hygiene and diet, as well as the frequency of consultations with the dentist.

Normally at this stage of life many sugars are consumed: sweets, sweets, desserts, and it is the parents’ task to administer them in such a way that not only do them not represent a threat to oral health, but to the health of the child in general.

5 tips to prevent cavities in children

Diet low in sugars: Sugar is one of the main promoters of caries, so you should lower your consumption. Remember that sugar is not only present in cookies and sweets, but also in juices. It is recommended that the frequency of exposure to sugary foods be reduced.

Avoid soft candies and chewing gum: Because of its composition, soft candies and chewing gum are often attached to the teeth, which facilitates the creation of acids that dissolve the enamel and develop caries.

Do not sweeten the pacifiers: There are parents who sweeten the children’s pacifiers with syrup or honey. This promotes the acids that cause cavities.

Oral hygiene: After each meal, perform oral hygiene to the child. If you still do not have teeth for brushing, clean your gums and tongue with wet gauze.

Visits to the dentist: Constantly check your child’s teeth and when they have all left, start taking them periodically to the dentist.

Remember that for the child it is not always a pleasant experience to visit the dentist. That is why in we have specialists in pediatric dentistry, who will make your visit an exceptional moment. Request a consultation and you will be treated with pleasure.

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