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Tips to overcome fear of the dentist

Here are some tips given below about overcome fear the dentist:

  1. Find a dentist who understands you and you can explain the possibility of your dental treatment with dental sedation. Ask friends and family if they can recommend you one. Or look for one that will generate confidence. As the commander of an airplane, must be a person who will tell what happens, you explain each step, and always with a simple and sincere language.
  2. Before an appointment, visit the dental clinic, checking out, ask the receptionist to introduce you to the dentist. Explain that you feel panic to the dentist, so you want to know in advance. You will understand.
  3. If you’re ready to make an appointment. Ask it well early in the morning so you have less time to back out.
  4. Talk to your dentist and let him clear what happens to you. Dentists are aware that command respect and know how to calm down. If you want, you can tell a signal that you do when you need a break or ask if you can listen to music during the procedure.
  5. Small gifts and incentives such as stickers, a chocolate (always washing our teeth) or small toys may be advisable in the case of longer treatment scariest (like braces and fillings). Always remember to congratulate them for their courage.
  6. It is important to avoid expressions that can induce negative feelings, such as ‘I will do no harm’, ‘no you’re sure to click’, ‘do not be afraid …’
  7. Make sure that both the space and the staff at the clinic are specialized in children’s audience.

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