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Tips to overcome fear of the dentist

Procrastinate as much as possible your visit to the dentist? Do you put excuses to cancel your appointment with the dentist? Do you feel terrified every time you think to sit in the dental chair? Well then you should know that you suffer a condition known as dental phobic, according World Health Organization (WHO), affects more than 15% of the population, we give you tips to overcome fear of the dentist.

The good news is that this problem, which prevents sufferers go to the dentist, seriously affects their quality of life, because it allows them to enjoy a good oral health.

If you have to go to a dentist in but fear paralyzes we recommend you read this post, where we share some tips to overcome fear when going to the query:

Find a dentist who speaks to you with your fears closeness and commentate: Today, dental professionals are fully aware that the odontophobia is a real and widespread problem and are prepared to deal with it. When you go to see your fears candidly explains that the professional you transmit security and make you feel comfortable.

Required information: information is a pre-anesthesia. Do not be afraid to ask and ask all the questions you have about the pathology and treatment they suffer are going to apply.

Before going to see … if you are of those who suffer “anticipatory anxiety” hours or even days before you see the white coat, it is best to try to be distracted and relaxed. Walks, stays with friends, do sports, read, and listen to music … All this will help you to not think about your fear of the dentist.

Prevent fear: if you inculcate the smallest good oral health practices from childhood and they get used to going to the dentist regularly query is likely that, as adults, usually accept the habit of going to the dental clinic.


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