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Tips to overcome fear of the dentist

Fear going to the dentist is very common in people. Fear feel some pain treatment, given nerves having to stand still, feel a very strange feeling that most of the time prevents you from going to see the dentist doctor when they feel some pain or infection in a tooth.

There is no reason to fear or dentist, or any dental treatment.

Do you know people who regularly go to the dentist? Sure, and there is the best example, you can tell them to ask them your fears and tell you their experience.

You must be a trustworthy person and be aware of your problem, and avoid comments that could make humorous little grace and that may increase your fear.

Overcoming fears he feels is not a mission impossible, you just need concentration. Follow these tips to be helpful.

Tips to overcome fear

Each person reacts in a way

You must know that every person is different, if someone tells you a bad experience does not mean that you will spend the same. Your body and your body are different from everyone else.

If what you fear is the pain, because I do not have, today treatments are highly advanced and almost painless. Also dentists use anesthesia so they do not feel any pain or discomfort. Furthermore it should not be alarmed early, maybe you do not feel anything, because you can resist even more than other people. And that bad experience I told you, to yourself is unimportant.

Not be too long waiting

Be on time, but not too early, and to wait long in the waiting room, only will increase the tension and nerves.

Do not be swayed by noise or complaints you hear from the waiting room. Insurance are catering to young patients, children often exaggerate too not go to the dentist. If you are in this situation you can choose to retire until his turn or distracted by something.

Do not be afraid to instruments

The instruments that impress you are not designed to harm, but to correct and improve their oral health. When you’re in the office or at the time of treatment and see, think that these are going to help too and they will solve the problem that has mouth. You can also choose to look for another site or close your eyes.


Being relaxed is the first clue that will help you overcome the fear of going to the dentist. The nerves play against, tense muscles or pain in the stomach reactions are generally feels. They will only make you feel uncomfortable and you achieve more inconvenience the dentist. Everyone has different techniques to relax, choose the one that’s right for you, and clear your mind. Listen to music, think of good memories or funny situations also help you relax and concentrate.

If you can go accompanied with a family member or friend, although it creates not be accompanied he will feel much more confident and relaxed.

Talk to the dentist

Form a dialogue and an atmosphere of trust with the dentist. If in doubt ask, and feels pain please inform the dentist. Do not be embarrassed to him, if he stays silent and keeps his doubts and worries, the dentist will take authoritarian control that makes you feel more uncomfortable to fearful patients.


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