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6 suggestions to limit bad breath

The source of bad breath could be in the food particles that remain in the mouth.

Clean the teeth after eating: brushing is the best; but when it is impossible to do so, chewing gum without sugar or doing mouthwash for 30 seconds can help eradicate food particles from the mouth.

Use dental floss at least once a day: that removes decaying food from between the teeth.

Clean the back of the tongue: the mucus, fruit of the posterior nasal drip, can decompose on the back of the tongue; and to remove it, you can use a tongue scraper or brush the tongue.

Drink water or chew gum: when the mouth is dry, there is not enough saliva to clear the remains of food.

Clean dentures daily: these house food particles and bacteria.

Restrict foods and drinks that cause bad breath: among the worst are onions, garlic, coffee and alcohol.

The wise thing is to go to the doctor when the simple measures do not manage to improve the bad breath.

Halitosis may be related to some disease, such as periodontitis, a sinus problem, chronic bronchitis or a throat problem.

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