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How to brush your teeth

Dentists recommend brushing teeth after every meal or, at least, two or three times a day. The most important brushing is done before going to sleep, because during sleep the movements of the tongue and the production of saliva decrease, and this favors the appearance of bacterial plaque. Brushing teeth, therefore, should become a habit, Continue Reading

How to Brush

What is the correct way to brush? Proper brushing takes at least two minutes. That’s right: 120 seconds. Most adults do not brush for so long. In order to get an idea of ​​the time involved, use a stopwatch. To brush your teeth properly, use short, gentle strokes, paying particular attention to the gum line, Continue Reading

How to avoid black rotten teeth

There are numerous factors that contribute to the teeth turning black and rotting. According to, there must be three factors present in the mouth for dental putrefaction to occur: the tooth, the bacteria and the carbohydrates. Poor dental hygiene, lack of dental care and consumption of substances that break the enamel of the teeth Continue Reading

Fear of going to the dentist

Although the techniques have come a long way, and dental clinics no longer resemble those primitive queries that always show films west, many people still suffer genuine panic attacks before visiting your dentist, there are even those who cannot sleep the night before, because fear paralyzes them. The most extreme cases come to completely neglect Continue Reading

8 things we should know about tooth whitening

The teeth whitening is an aesthetic treatment to clarify the tone of the teeth that counts, each time, with greater demand. The darkening of the teeth occurs with the passage of time due to enamel wear and even beating in the denture can cause color changes. The concern to wear a beautiful and younger smile, Continue Reading

7 tips to maintain a teeth whitening

The constant consumption of foods such as tea or coffee, the passage of time, the effect of certain medications or tobacco, are factors that can cause staining or darkening of our tooth enamel, an effect that can be reversed with tooth whitening . This treatment, which has aesthetic purposes, seeks to eliminate superficial stains of Continue Reading

7 things you did not know about orthodontics in adults

Although the use of orthodontics has always been associated with children and young people, the truth is that in recent years there has been an increase in the number of adults who opt for this treatment. The reduction of their prices, the reduction of the terms and the advance of the techniques are some of Continue Reading

7 bad habits that damage teeth

To keep your teeth healthy, it’s not enough to brush them two times a day. Some small fads that seem natural can do damage to our teeth. The teeth do not replace a pair of scissors: you cannot open a bag or break a nut. Do not use your teeth to do it. You risk Continue Reading

6 tips to take care of teeth

The World Health Organization states that 60% -90% of school children and almost 100% of adults have cavities worldwide. Taking care of our teeth takes very little time a day, but it is necessary to do it correctly. Generally, the most common reasons for the consultation are pain, difficulty chewing or for an aesthetic reason, Continue Reading

6 suggestions to limit bad breath

The source of bad breath could be in the food particles that remain in the mouth. Clean the teeth after eating: brushing is the best; but when it is impossible to do so, chewing gum without sugar or doing mouthwash for 30 seconds can help eradicate food particles from the mouth. Use dental floss at Continue Reading