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Fear of going to the dentist

Although the techniques have come a long way, and dental clinics no longer resemble those primitive queries that always show films west, many people still suffer genuine panic attacks before visiting your dentist, there are even those who cannot sleep the night before, because fear paralyzes them. The most extreme cases come to completely neglect their oral health as long as they do not submit to this situation.

A day of progress, both in the field of treatment and in the diagnosis, have made the experience of visiting the dentist, much less suffered than years ago, each time the visits are more comfortable and especially less painful

But, why are we afraid of the dentist? What is behind that feeling that blocks so many people? These are some of the causes.

Fear of needles, there are many adult people who have real fear of needles, this added to the fact that they puncture us in a place we cannot see, increases the feeling of insecurity and therefore fear, but it is worth noting that the impact of Pricking is minimal if we compare it with what we would feel if we perform that treatment without anesthesia…. Think about it?

The unpleasant feeling of having the wedding full of things, in fact if we stop to think are devices that facilitate breathing and the feeling of suffocation that we would have when lying down … They do nothing but help us and in some way try to get us to relax (who can do it), to not feel overwhelmed.

Most parents who are afraid of the dentist, transmit that fear their children turning to his image, the image that cinema has often industry professionals does not help fight these fears: careless, clueless who do not know what they are doing and above all that they do not care about the patient in front of them.

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