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Tips to take your child to the dentist

Therefore, this time we give you some tips to improve your child’s behavior at the dentist. What we must never do.

Never threaten the child with him to the dentist or doctor if he misbehaves as it will associate professionals with a bad thing, or a punishment.

Some parents after threatening their children with the atrocities that will make them the doctor still surprised that the child starts to mourn to see the doctor.

Nor take your child to the consultation with deceit, because he will think that the site is bad when their parents have had to trick you agree to go.

What is advisable?

Parents should explain to the child that the dentist will see your mouth, and you will see many teeth and talk to them. Should avoid words like pain, hurt, etc. and not make comments like “I will not hurt” that make the child become defensive.

If the child has been collaborator it is advisable to reinforce good behavior with praise and a prize. And give positive feedback about the dentist, on consultation or other children waiting in the query.

Is positive explain how good it is to have gone to the query so that their teeth are always healthy and leverage to get you started dental hygiene habits.

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