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7 bad habits that damage teeth

To keep your teeth healthy, it’s not enough to brush them two times a day. Some small fads that seem natural can do damage to our teeth.

The teeth do not replace a pair of scissors: you cannot open a bag or break a nut. Do not use your teeth to do it. You risk crumbling or breaking them. Enamel is no longer protected, the risk of caries is increased, as well as cracks or fractures.

Perforating on the tongue is a practice to forget: this fashion, which particularly appeals to young people, is strongly discouraged. The piercing, whether on the tongue or on the lips, increases the difficulty of chewing, promotes bleeding and infections. But the mouth is home to several million bacteria! The piercing also promotes pain, tingling. The ball or clasp of the piercing, rubbing on the teeth, can crack, fracture them off, or change their position.

To each his glass is better: share his drink with his child, his spouse is not a good idea. Many bacteria are transmitted through the mouth and can promote cavities.

The thumb or the pacifier ideally abandons itself to three years: a child who sucks his thumb or a pacifier prevents his tongue from coming to lean against the palate to stimulate its growth. As a result, the palate is narrow and jaws growing around an obstacle can create an abnormal gap between the upper and lower teeth.

It is better not to be addict to alcohol, tobacco, or narcotics: depending on the addiction, there is a drying of the mouth that promotes cavities and gingival pathologies that can lead to the loss of teeth. Changes in saliva can also lead to the development of oral cancers.

Nibbling attacks tooth enamel: eating fatty and / or sweet products between meals promotes acid secretions that attack tooth enamel and increase the risk of cavities.

To brush your teeth in the evening is essential: at night, the production of saliva decreases. However, the latter neutralizes the acid attacks that occur when we eat. So even if you’re tired and want to go to bed fast, you have to take the time to brush your teeth for two minutes.

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