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Tips for whiter teeth

Her smile is the most attractive accessory. Clean, white teeth can illuminate your face and projecting a healthy and youthful appearance. If you opt for professional teeth whitening or just need to whiten your teeth for a special event, these tips and tricks will help give you the beautiful smile you want.

Avoid foods and beverages that stain teeth

Teeth are porous and absorb colors of foods and beverages you consume. Foods that are particularly prone to tooth color include red wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks and sweets. All these foods contain natural and artificial colors that can penetrate the teeth, causing discoloration and scratches appearance. Deeply pigmented beverages like grape or cranberry juice use a straw to fluid flow on teeth. Your best bet is to avoid these foods and drinks together, however, if it is not possible to completely eliminate from your diet sure to brush immediately after eating. Dentist Dr. Levine recommends “brush immediately after drinking a beverage producing spot that has the opportunity to establish in the molecules of the tooth”.

Whitening at home

If the teeth are already showing signs of staining and discoloration, invest in good quality toothpaste bleach. There are many types of pasta on the market designed to exfoliate the surface of the tooth and clean stains away by mild abrasion and tooth whiteners. Use these whitening gums daily as you would regular toothpaste to remove age spots, as well as to prevent the formation of new spots. For more dramatic results, consider a home whitening kit. You can buy strips or trays using whitening gels to lift stains and whiten teeth. Cosmetic dentist in New York, “whitening methods use peroxide-either gel or liquid form strip-to dissolve surface stains to whiten teeth.” Kits lowest cost $ 50 and can be purchased at your local pharmacy.

Cosmetic tricks

If you have a special event to attend an important meeting where their look is key, you can use some cosmetic tips to improve your smile. Use a sunless tanning product to subtly tan skin. A tanned face will create a greater contrast between your skin and your smile that produce the illusion of whiter teeth. Another option is to apply a blue lipstick base.

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