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Beautiful and durable all-ceramic crowns dentures preferred in Europe and America

Teeth are the hardest organ in humans, composed mainly of limestone, the outer layer more hard dentine and enamel-coated, harder than human bones. But this kind of hardness, or perhaps because of improper maintenance, aging, accidents and other factors, cause tooth damage or loss, for health and beauty oral, physicians will recommend dentures applied to reduce tooth decay and gum disease, may result in reduced absorption of dietary poor physical health effects of further opportunities.

Currently in the United States and Europe have become the first choice of all-ceramic crowns dentures, because the color or light transmission than conventional dentures to come well, ceramics are also high degree of compatibility with the human body, is subject to domestic and foreign dental professional doctor recommended. Physicians noted that traditional dentures because the opaque inner metal properties, could easily be seen, all-ceramic crowns overcomes color problems, so unless close observation, it would be difficult discerned become female beauty choice.

In addition to the attractive appearance of traditional metal-ceramic dentures may have free metal ions, resulting gum was Black’s situation, furthermore, if the use of denture base metal production is apt to cause an allergic reaction, the patient may show swelling of the gums, easy bleeding, affect the appearance and health. Materials currently used all-ceramic crowns, able to avoid these shortcomings and to achieve good usability and aesthetics.

After removal of the anterior aesthetic considerations, many patients will be asked: “Are the teeth that can be adopted after the general metal-ceramic dentures like?” Doctors stress that healthy gums and bite force, the all-ceramic crowns performance is still not small spy. Because the teeth are exposed to relatively large bite forces to present more commonly used zirconia all-ceramic crowns dentures, it is a very high intensity artificial compound, sufficient to meet the needs of the human bite. Coupled with the now all-ceramic crowns can be placed directly into the zirconia occlusal surface, can greatly avoid the traditional metal-ceramic dentures, prone to crack the ceramic.

Therefore, in terms of all-ceramic crowns dentures color performance, or functionality, is the material of choice is very good dentures. Dentists said that the course of treatment in all-ceramic crown will first device temporary dentures allow patients to try whether you like the appearance, and test will have drawbacks, such as inflammation of the gums or bad pronunciation, once confirmed no problem, temporary dentures will become the official final reference, thereby increasing the patient’s ability to adapt to ensure that dentures can play its due role.

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