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Wisdom teeth must be extracted for three reasons

Wisdom is the 16 years after the eruption of the eighth tooth eruption or not yet, because the human mandible smaller size in the evolutionary process, so often not enough space to allow the jaw eruption of wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth caused by the eruption of its location and abnormal direction. Wisdom is not only without chewing function, but there are a number of hazards or potential hazards, unplug it as soon as possible is the best policy.

First, due to the eruption incomplete, covering its rear side of the gums to form part of their crown Week bags, accumulation of food and bacteria that can often cause local soft tissue inflammation, pain, and even lead to limited opening and difficulty eating. Some people eliminate the inflammation, It does not hurt anymore, do not want to unplug it can eat up the results again inflammation and symptoms become more severe.

Second, the majority of impacted wisdom teeth forward, that was about 45 degrees at the top of the second molars, the two form a crown angle and impaction of food, a long time, until the second molar caries formation Pulpitis. Another consequence is continuing afterburner wisdom teeth forward in the second molars, to form a loose periodontists and pain, had to unplug.

Second molar, or must unplug this two teeth, and chewing function is severely impaired.

Third, although some wisdom teeth eruption direction generally normal, but the point of contact with the second molar is not normal to impaction of food, and easy to brush when brushing teeth gap here, and can easily result in the second molar caries and shorten its life.

There are many people think: teeth hurt as long as no treatment or unplug it, this view is not correct. Because if the pain has been to show that normal teeth and even cause irreversible damage to the body, it is difficult at this time to recoup their losses and then pulling wisdom teeth cause.

According to statistics, 50% of people had the presence of wisdom teeth, around the age of 16 after another eruption. Just due to the eruption of this tooth root is easy to unplug is not fully formed, and this time to avoid the removal of wisdom teeth and cause damage to the body of the second molars, can be said to unplug as soon as possible is the best treatment.  Guren Jiang: dead has been ill for treating disease, this is the truth.

While many people know the hazards and wisdom must unplug the truth, but because painlessly reluctant to do this dental clinic. In fact, as long as local anaesthesia, no pain almost complete extraction sense, this is the experience of many extractions were so worried about tooth pain is not necessary, do not pull, then more will happen recurrent pain.

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