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Dental Implant or Bridge

If you have a tooth either deteriorated, damaged, etc.. We must replace it and for that you consider purchasing a fixed bridge or dental implant. Therefore we must make a decision and choose the best solution for our teeth, so it is necessary to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative dental. Continue Reading

What can damage dental implants?

If you are recently using dental implants, you should know that there are several risks that must prevent if possible. Dental implants can be damaged when… We take drugs Smoking (Snuff) Over time the bone is reduced Adverse reaction to the titanium One of the major problems arising in the stage in which the implant Continue Reading

About implantation

At this stage almost never happens any complications at this stage because the process is very effective and the possibility of any problems occurring is mined about 2% of cases. The implants are made ​​of the material titanium which fits very well with the bone structure of the human body. After performing the dental implant Continue Reading

Dental Implant Complications

Most people eventually suffer some problem with your teeth, either something simple or serious complication. If the affected tooth is badly damaged and you need to remove it simply is not possible to carry out a restoration of the same. The person may decide to use a dental implant because of all the advantages that Continue Reading

Dental Health from birth (2-4 years)

At this stage it is very important for children to develop effective oral care and healthy habits, so parental supervision is vital. The best way to teach our children is by example, so it is advisable to accompany them during brushing until they learn to do it the right way. Brushing should last approximately two Continue Reading

Dental Health from birth (2-24 months)

The vast majority of pediatric dentists agree that regular dental care should begin by one year of age with at least two annual reviews. It is very important to encourage our children from an early age to acquire good oral care habits in order to prevent tooth decay in childhood. Below we offer some tips Continue Reading

Dental extraction and alveolitis

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the ones that draw more often than any other tooth. Some people naturally have enough space in the mouth to accommodate the eruption of wisdom teeth. People who do not have enough space for extra teeth, impacted wisdom teeth suffer that remain buried under the gums or erupt without Continue Reading

Dental Caries

The dental caries is the destruction or softening of enamel and dentin arising as a result of the killing activity of a group of acid-producing bacteria (dental plaque) and they are located on the tooth surfaces. It starts at the periphery, cross progresses and leads to loss of substances in the form of cavities. Causes Continue Reading

Dental care during orthodontic

Many adults and children need orthodontic treatment to correct problems in tight, irregular or protruding teeth and get not only a good aesthetic appearance, but also a proper bite to prevent the deterioration of the teeth. In fact, there is evidence that as early as the eighth century BC are trying to solve these anomalies. Continue Reading