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Dental Laser Treatment

  Oral laser applications are multiple, because the major advantages of this method of treatment provide: Sterilize the surface that apply (bacterial decontamination) For some unnecessary surgery sutures Limit or bleeding stopped providing clotting blood vessels subject to the procedures Accuracy in surface treatment No anesthesia is required for certain procedures The laser dental dentist Continue Reading

Dental jewelry

  Dental jewelry has become a fashion accessory lately, and that applies very easily and painlessly do they become increasingly popular among young people. What you should know before you choose to apply such a gem? That its application is in a dental office, so the next time you introduce yourself for control, you can Continue Reading

Dental extraction steps

  The first step in this process is to make your dental radiography to see as tooth root and to determine if there are a sign of infection of the bone that supports the teeth is. Then your doctor dentist will use local anesthesia. The latter is not always necessary, especially if the tooth nerve Continue Reading

Dental cyst

  Like any cyst, dental cysts are fluid bags or other soft material that occurs in the tissue around the tooth. Also many dental cysts are benign and are the cause of concern. They can infect or affect the area around the tooth. If this happens, you should consult your doctor dentist to be sure Continue Reading

Choosing your dentist

  Undoubtedly, choosing a dentist is a very difficult matter. Why? Simply because our work most often is not seen immediately, but over time. There is no perfect recipe for choosing a good dentist, but there are clues. There are no guarantees, there may be more chances. However, a good dentist will give interest his Continue Reading


  Brushing is common practice oral hygiene, which many people do not do properly. Dentists recommend brushing at least 2 times a day. After a meal rich in sugars and carbohydrates, food particles combine with bacteria in the mouth leading to tooth decay. This produces acids that attack teeth also, leaving them more susceptible to Continue Reading

Bright smile, teeth bright for children

  Because children’s teeth to be healthy , it is necessary in addition to thorough oral hygiene and a balanced diet and to perform regular dental checks . The young generation should be accustomed from childhood with regular visits to the dentist. “A few little tricks help make visiting the dentist is not stressful for Continue Reading

Baby bottle caries

  “Baby bottle caries”, i.e. early occurrence of dental caries in children of 2-4 years is a serious condition that can damage the child’s teeth, but fortunately, can be prevented. What are the effects “Career nippleā€? Tooth loss; Speech problems; Erupting permanent teeth are crooked; Pain; Self-doubt. How to prevent baby bottle caries? Do not Continue Reading

As we celebrate teeth care

  Dental hygiene should be kept lower or during the holidays, especially due to copious meals during this period. The teeth must be cared for as carefully as in the rest of the year because the pH in the mouth can increase alongside plaque can cause cavities and their complications. Some foods generates a potential Continue Reading