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Dental fear: feeling comfortable in the dental clinic

A significant percentage of the population is afraid of the dentist but these people are also aware that the dentist is a professional essential to take care of our oral health.

If you ask ten people what exactly they who fear going to the dentist, about eight will not be able to give a specific cause. The fear we feel at the dentist is sometimes poorly defined relative and therefore if we find a dental clinic with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, these fears may disappear forever.

If the only thing you notice when going to your dental clinic are cold steel instruments, the white coat and mask the dentist and the typical smell of antiseptics probably want to get out of there fast and not look back.

However if you are received in a friendly environment, we invite you to spend a comfortable waiting room with some magazines and some relaxing music; you’ll feel better when you need to enter the cabinet.

The first thing when choosing a dentist is who is professional and who is highly qualified. Then the dentist’s attitude is another important factor to take into consideration.

Did you get a smile on your first visit? Do you try to talk to you and say what he sees during dental examination? If this is so means that the dentist cares about you and is trying to make you feel comfortable. Even if you cannot talk because he has his mouth wide open during scan, listen to what they are telling may be distracting.

The truth is there are some dentists who are not so nice when treat. If you do not feel comfortable during the initial scan, it will not feel comfortable when they have to perform a removal, a filling or other treatment. Therefore it may be wise to seek other professional.

In case you are extremely sensitive to pain should not hesitate to tell when your dentist. So attention and will try to work more slowly, usually will explain the procedures to be performed so you do not feel so afraid.

In these cases the dentist may consider using more amount of anesthetic to ensure that you do not sense any pain.

In short, feeling comfortable is one of the most important factors when choosing our dental clinic.

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