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Tips for teeth taking care

DENTIST, ONCE A YEAR: Visit your dentist once a year at least, and from an early age, since the decay can occur after you exit the first tooth. Three times a day: Brush your teeth three times a day, after meals. Essential Before bed and after getting up in the morning Toothpaste, fluoride: We recommend Continue Reading

Tips for preparing the gaps in the teeth

If you have bad teeth, bite correction should be a priority. After all, crooked teeth, gaps or stained are a disadvantage in all aspects of life. Bad teeth can adversely affect everything from their love life with his career. Fortunately, improving your smile may not be as costly or time consuming, as assumed. Many people Continue Reading

Tips for keeping cool in the dentist

Visit to the dentist can be an experience traumatic, especially if you have pain and anticipate the worst. From the strange odor to the sound of the lathe and the feeling of pain and discomfort, even going for a regular checkup can cause anxiety in many people. However, it is important to visit your dentist Continue Reading

Electric or manual toothbrush?

Dentists will tell you that a manual toothbrush can be as effective as an electric model if used correctly, but most patients simply do not wash well and floss as long as it should. In these cases, an electric toothbrush can help by maximizing the power of cleaning. Some dentists recommend electric toothbrushes because they: Continue Reading

Diseases of pulp of baby teeth

They are commonly found, have a rapid progression with a clinical picture quieter than in adults because different anatomy milk teeth to permanent ones. The main symptom is pain, which can be triggered or spontaneous. The onset of pain sensation through the action of the mechanical stimuli, chemical or thermal is usually short-lived and ceases Continue Reading

Disease outbreak

  Disease outbreak is a pathological condition of the whole organism, which manifests clinically in an organ or tissue system through functional or anatomical lesions. Among these lesions and primary outbreak there is a link of cause and effect. Disease outbreak is a reality, no matter how she denied by some, diminished or exaggerated by Continue Reading

Dentist advice to vegetarians

  There are increasingly more opinions and debates on the type of food that you should eat. The most common modern civilization disease, tooth decay and periodontal diseases can be prevented through diet that we have. Caring for the quality of food that influence the health of each of us, has led many people to Continue Reading

Dental radiographs

  Dental X-rays help your dentist to visualize diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues, which cannot be seen at a regular examination. In addition, the dentist can detect and treat dental problems early. But what about their safety? All sources of radiation exposure – including sun, minerals in the soil, and home appliances from Continue Reading

Dental problems in children

  From the point of view of a dentist, regular visits to the dentist with little to assess tooth should begin at an early age. Although this should be done every six month, children have their first contact with the doctor when they already have a problem. The meeting between the dentist and the child Continue Reading

Dental problems and lifestyle vegetarian

  It is recommended that before starting a vegetarian diet to consult a dentist or a nutritionist who can suggest what foods you consume substitutes to ensure your RDA of nutrients. Also, you can suggest using some supplements or vitamins nutritive that you take daily. When there is a deficiency of vitamin D, teeth become Continue Reading